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Welcome to FEMFEST 

Brighton's only feminist arts festival that exclusively celebrates the work of women, trans and non-binary artists

Is it a bird? Yes! Is it a plane? No! Please welcome to the stage the flocking fabulous Femfest 2024!! 

FemFest is happening from 7th - 10th March 2024 at The Actors and The Feminist Bookshop and we can’t wait to see you all there.

We've got 27 events, including: Theatre, Cabaret, Workshops, Comedy and much much more from AFAB, Non-Binary, Queer and Trans creatives from across the UK! We can't wait to see you all there for a big old Feminist Party.

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Up until now, FemFest has survived purely through self-funding and voluntary hours put in by its core staff. We love running the festival but with its growth in the last couple of years, we need help from our community to ensure the festival can survive. In order to keep serving our community and showcasing new and exciting work we need some extra funds to help us along the way.

Your donations will allow us to:

Keep running our free ticket fund, which offers spaces at events for people with economic barriers, and service users of our partner charities (Survivors' Network and LGBT Switchboard). We fundraise for the free ticket fund at our FemFestive event where all proceeds of the crafting, performance and r*ffle go towards the fund. We need a little extra cash to pay for the materials required to run the crafting table and to pay for our artist's travel (who perform for free at our festive fundraiser). (£75)

Improve our streaming capabilities through better technical equipment so we can hold our events online and allow people with physical access needs to attend the festival from home or on a screen downstairs at our venue, The Actors. (£1000)

Cover poster and brochure printing costs. This helps us spread the word about the festival. We also cover the bill for our artists and pay for their poster printing to make sure they aren't having to make any upfront costs. (£750)

Cover basic overheads that keep the festival running (website renewal cost, QR code licence, zoom licence, teas and coffees for artists performing, travel costs for acts performing in our scratch and cabaret events). (£672.99)

Thank you so much for giving this a read, if you can't afford to DONATE right now then please consider sharing this fundraiser with any rich friends you might have. 


Big love, The FemFest Team x
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Our Venue
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The Actors

4 Prince's St, Brighton BN2 1RD

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